Our Focus

Founded in 2003 under Tara Hospitality with the goal of acquiring and managing hotel real estate, our business has gradually grown into a fully integrated hotel investment, development, and management platform. Our interests expanded during 2007 as the group looked at development opportunities in India. During this period a variety of development took place including mixed retail, a K-12 school, and luxury high-rise condominiums.


In 2011, Tara Investments was formed with a renewed focus on the hospitality sector. Our group’s focused goal of investing with recognizable brands, in strong RevPAR markets that provide barriers to entry for developers is what guides our investment decisions as we look to grow. This combination of criteria along with efficient management allows us to create value for our investors.


Our Vision

Our stated goal is to add value to our portfolio through focused investment and efficient management. In doing so we strive to become a respected company as determined by the quality of our product, the professionalism of our employees, and the experiences of our guests.


Our Mission

Hotel development and management covers a broad spectrum of responsibilities. However, ultimately our mission is to develop exceptional hotels that deliver uncompromised service. Our ability to deliver on these two commitments will determine whether we can efficiently move forward to the attainment of our stated goals.


Investment Criteria


The hotel business is a highly fragmented industry with revenue deriving from numerous channels. In order to mitigate the high cost of marketing and distribution, our group is focused on partnerships with only the strongest international hotel flags. Through their respective loyalty programs, CRS, global sales and brand.com contribution we look to operate hotels that can earn their fair-share in their individual markets.

With so many participants in the industry, consistent new supply can diminish long term value of our hotel investments. Therefore, it is critical to invest in desirable markets that provide real barriers to entry. The markets that we have a presence in all have RevPARs above the US average. Furthermore, they have substantial barriers to entry as it pertains to brand availability, land availability, or restrictions imposed by local jurisdictions.

Our group only operates the projects it owns and to date has no less than 40% of it’s general partners’ own equity invested in a given project. This alignment of interest creates the best value for our investors as it guarantees we will always act in their best interest. This is reflected throughout the investment cycle- from our high level of involvement throughout the development phase, to the active management of ongoing operations.